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Loft bed - NIKOLA PLUS - Side entrance
Loft bed - NIKOLA PLUS - Side entrance

Loft bed - NIKOLA PLUS - Side entrance

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The wooden bed on the NIKOLA PLUS Mezzanineis made entirely of pine wood. Mezzanine is a choice for people who need more space in the room. Thanks to its construction, the mezzanine can easily fit a desk under it, becoming a great place to study. You can also create a place for your child to play under it. The niche under the bed is prepared in 3 sizes: 120cm, 135cm or 150cm. The photos are computer-made visualizations! The actual color of the furniture may slightly differ. This is due to the settings of monitors, displays and room lighting. 

To ensure optimal user comfort and safety, the bed should be securely fastened to the wall. Screws for fastening are not included in the set; they should be selected independently based on the wall structure.

A slide can be installed on the bed!
(front version without a platform only for a height of 120cm, and version with a platform for any height)/strong>

Learn more about the slide!

Recess under the bed


Loft Bed NIKOLA PLUS - Unique Beauty and Safety for Your Child

We invite you to discover our model - the loft bed NIKOLA PLUS. It is a Nikola loft bed that, in this version, features an entrance placed on the shorter side, giving it a modern and interesting look.

Enriched with an additional railing, the loft bed NIKOLA PLUS gains the maximum length of the railing increased by 8 cm, ensuring even greater safety for your child while sleeping on the loft. Your little one's peaceful sleep is our priority. Placing the ladder on the shorter side makes the classic loft bed Nikola appear even more intriguing, allowing you to set it up in a completely new way in your home. This piece of furniture not only serves as a sleeping area but also becomes a unique decorative element in your child's room.

The loft bed NIKOLA PLUS comes in three different height versions: 120cm, 135cm, and 150cm. You can choose the appropriate height that best suits the size of the room and the age of your child. If you are interested in a custom size, you can inquire about its availability by sending us a message. Made from high-quality materials, the loft bed NIKOLA PLUS guarantees durability and resilience. Solid railings provide a sense of security, while the modern design attracts the eye and captivates with its simplicity.

Choose the loft bed NIKOLA PLUS and create a unique corner for your child's sleep and play, where safety goes hand in hand with aesthetics.

More detailed information about this loft bed can be found in the "Product Details" section.

Dimension forTotal heightTotal widthBed widthTotal lengthBed lengthDimension under the mattress
140x70 211cm(120cm) 226cm(135cm) 241cm(150cm) 79cm 79cm 153cm 149cm 140x70cm
160x80 217cm(120cm) 232cm(135cm) 247cm(150cm) 89cm 89cm 173cm 169cm 160x80cm
160x90 217cm(120cm) 232cm(135cm) 247cm(150cm) 99cm 99cm 173cm 169cm 160x90cm
180x80 223cm(120cm) 238cm(135cm) 253cm(150cm) 89cm 89cm 193cm 189cm 180x80cm
180x90 223cm(120cm) 238cm(135cm) 253cm(150cm) 99cm 99cm 193cm 189cm 180x90cm
190x90 226cm(120cm) 241cm(135cm) 256cm(150cm) 99cm 99cm 203cm 199cm 190x90cm
200x80 229cm(120cm) 244cm(135cm) 259cm(150cm) 89cm 89cm 213cm 209cm 200x80cm
200x90 229cm(120cm) 244cm(135cm) 259cm(150cm) 99cm 99cm 213cm 209cm 200x90cm
200x100 229cm(120cm) 244cm(135cm) 259cm(150cm) 109cm 109cm 213cm 209cm 200x100cm
Available sizes
140x70, 160x80, 160x90, 180x80, 180x90, 190x90, 200x80, 200x90, 200x100
Available bed heights
120, 135, 150
Pine wood
12 months
Maximum weight
Self-assembly with instructions
Leg cross-section
Cross-section of the load-bearing element
Bed frame
Set of 1 piece
Not included

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